Delicate Fire, oil on canvas by Jay Trefethen

This is my new oil painting. A simple study of butterflies. Pretty straight forward. Except butterflies, as it turns out, are really hard to paint. One of those tricky critters that looks fairly simple, until you try it.

I had been thinking of doing a study of butterflies for awhile now. A few days ago, when I was working outside, a gorgeous Monarch Butterfly flew up to me and landed on a bush right next to me, just like she was posing for me. So I took that as a sign that I should finally do that butterfly painting I had been thinking of.

I like the way it came out, and I learned a lot from doing it. So I will definitely be doing more butterflies sometime in the future. In the meantime, this painting is up for sale on eBay, where I sell artwork as nightairstudios. If you are interested, please take a look. I’ll be doing around 10 oil paintings between now and Christmas specifically for eBay. As usual there will be a wide range of random subjects. I really just paint whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I do imagine there will be more than a couple scantly clad ladies in the mix.

painting of Monarch Butterflies by Jay Trefethen
oil on canvas, 9″ X 12,” © 2019 Jay Trefethen

About Jay Trefethen

I am a self taught artist living in Bradford, Vermont. I build furniture at the world famous Pompanoosuc Mills and create pyrography art for a livelihood. My pyrography, also known as woodburning art, can be seen locally around the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire and Vermont. I aslo create orginal oil on canvas paintings, which I mostly sell online, on eBay as nightairstudios. I also occasionally show my oils at area art shows.

‘First Time’by Jay Trefethen Update

Just a quick note to mention that First Time has arrived safely at her forever home, and the buyer is very happy with the piece. He sent me an e-mail this morning telling me how happy he is with the piece. Happy collectors are always a good thing! So I just wanted to share that good news to negate the venting I did on my last post.

New New Blog

Last Try at an Art Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

So this is my newest attempt at an art blog/website. I’m starting to get a little freaked out at how hard this is turning out. It’s really gotten crazy how many tries this is taking. My last blog was a WordPress blog hosted on Yahoo Small Business. I picked them just because I had purchased my domain name from them years ago. Big mistake! I liked the WordPress interface, but the site itself was super glitchy. It kept crashing. And the worst thing about a WordPress site crash, is that it effects everything including the administrator’s control panel. Which means when the site crashed, I wouldn’t be able to get at the controls to fix it. I would have to contact Yahoo customer service, and have them do it. I ended up calling them at least five times in a two month period. What a headache. This was especially a problem since they weren’t exactly WordPress experts themselves. Yahoo Small Business really has no business offering WordPress sites since they can’t seem to staff people who know how to deal with WordPress issues. So know I’m starting a new WordPress blog, this time on I figure all these guys do is WordPress, so they should know what they are doing. And hopefully their hosted sites will be a bit more stable and crash less often. I have to say, if this doesn’t work I’m done with having my own website. I’ll just upload stuff to instagram and be done with it. I’m an artist, not a web designer. I don’t have time for this. I hate to vent on you guys, but I really am a bit freaked out about how much work this has been. And now I have to start all over yet again.

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