Anticipation, oil on Canvas

Anticipation, oil on canvas by Jay Trefethen

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Anticipation, oil on unstretched canvas, 20” X 32,” © 2020 Jay Trefethen

This was a fun piece that I did last weekend. I’ve always had a thing for cosplay, and French Maids, so this was a no brainer. In fact, I’m wondering now why I’ve never done a French Maid before. Cosplay is something I’ve been a fan of before it was even called ‘cosplay.’ Yes, I’m old enough to remember when it was just called costumes. I discovered cosplay at my first science fiction convention that I attended, back in the eighties. I was in my early teens, and had no idea this was a thing until I walked into the hotel lobby, and I seemed to be the only one there not dressed up. The Uptight Eighties had a lot of hang ups, but skin was not one of them. Flaunt it if you got it was the rule of thumb, and boy oh boy was there some young ladies flaunting it. That made quite an impression on my adolescent brain. Is ‘adolescent brain’ an oxymoron?

Anyway, this was painted on unstretched canvas, for easy shipping, since I’m selling it online. The piece is quite large for a simple figure study. The colors are something new; I decided to try Gamblin’s new Reclaimed Earth Limited Edition Collection. I was very impressed. I’ve always liked earth tones. And these are made from the waste water of coal mine runoff. Very cool. They are just different enough from standard earth tones to make them interesting to use. I will definitely be making these colors a pallet staple.

I’m selling this on eBay. Here is a link to my listings:

Anticipation, by Jay Trefethen
Anticipation, oil on canvas by Jay Trefethen

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I am a self taught artist living in Bradford, Vermont. I build furniture and create woodburning art for a living, and also create oil on canvas paintings. I sell my paintings on eBay as nightairstudios. And I sell my woodburning art locally. You can see my work at the Pompanoosuc Mills showroom in East Thetford.

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