One Year Ago….At The Helm

pyrography by Jay Trefethen

It was a year ago this month that I created the pyrography piece At The Helm. It was done on a birch cradled panel that I made myself. It is notable for being the first piece of serious personal work I had done in woodburning. All woodburnings before this were commissioned. After getting dozens of commissions, mostly from work, I finally thought to myself “hey, I’m pretty good at this; I should try this at home.’ It’s embarrassing to think how long it took me to realize that, but at least I got there eventually. This is a piece of art that I am quite proud off. I think it is one of my best pieces, in any medium.

My father ended up buying it, and it now lives on his boat in Alaska. My father is a huge boating enthusiast; he has written several books on boating, including The Cruising Life. And you have to be serious about boating to live on one in Alaska. So I am very glad it ended up with him.

At The Helm, pyrography by Jay Trefethen

Published by sleepyrocks

I am a self taught artist living in Bradford, Vermont. I build furniture and create woodburning art for a living, and also create oil on canvas paintings. I sell my paintings on eBay as nightairstudios. And I sell my woodburning art locally. You can see my work at the Pompanoosuc Mills showroom in East Thetford.

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